FN FAL with a Rhodesian style camo paint job.


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South Sudan;  Cattle Herders.  Q.Sakamaki.

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Only God Forgives
de Nicolas Winding Refn

J’aurais préféré faire un dessin de Valhalla Rising
mais j’avais déjà commencé celui-là lorsque je l’ai vu…
Le destin a choisi son camp !

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Tadao Ando, Shiba Ryotaro Memorial Museum, 2001. Osaka, Japan. It is the home of 20,000 books of the japanese novelist, collected during his lifetime. Photo: Alex Roman. Source

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Dash Snow was a Artist known for his controversial polaroids of sex, violence, drug use and a chaotic party lifestyle.Snow died of a heroin overdose in 2009 at the tender age of 27, however he left behind a huge array of polaroids of his life, and although most images are vulgar and somewhat shocking, they still are a brilliant depiction of a life that some of us will never know.

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